I'm so glad that you're here!


My name is Marion Rose, and I’m here to help you




Be profoundly compassionate with yourself

(and get free from guilt and self-judgment!).


Respond to your baby or child in ways that help her stay connected with who she really is

(and also help be calmer, more cooperative and more compassionate!) 


And heal from old hurts and ways of thinking

so that you can follow your soul’s calling and do what you’re here to do as a woman and a mother.



I call these three things:




Every day, I do a free FB live on these topics!

I believe that our true nature is love and will – lovingness and willingness.


I offer tangible tools to help you reconnect with your true loving nature as a mother  

and help your child stay connected with their connected, compassionate, cooperative self too.



I have a 30 year history in developmental psychology and psychospiritual psychotherapy,

with a Ph.D. from Cambridge University.

I have been a University Research Fellow in infant development

and I taught The Therapeutic Relationship to M.A. students.



I’ve been supporting mothers with pregnancy, birth and parenting since 2001,

and I’ve been an Aware Parenting Instructor since 2005.

I have a 16 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. 




I love to help mothers connect with their own Inner Loving Mother

so that you can be the compassionate mother you know you can be,

and the unique being that you really are

free to follow the callings of your soul.



I have many free and paid online courses for mothers –

on parenting, psychospiritual development, and entrepreneurship


Course participants say….

I am really grateful for all that you offer Marion. In both your paid and your free courses.

It’s my perspective that you are very generous to offer such things to the world (especially the free ones that you clearly have also invested much time and energy in).

I see you shining such a light into parenting and motherhood that I really believe will create so much more awareness, presence, compassion, peace, growth, understanding and love for the children of this world (and to the parents themselves!!).

I so appreciate and respect that. You bring so much to my world. So much love to you xxx


Your inspiration, passion, and wealth of knowledge and wisdom about how to carry oneself as an Aware Parent and woman has changed my life and that of my family.

I am so honored to have been able to learn from you this year and reflect on who I have become in part because of you! You have changed my life, my daughter’s life, as well as my partner’s. We are eternally grateful.


I have just completed the attachment play course and it has changed my family’s lives and it continues to daily as we grow with these new muscles we are all exercising.

Marion I want to acknowledge how incredible the resources are here and thorough the entire course is. You are amazing!! Wowzers.

It is so evident your level of awareness and experience working with children and also adults awakening and listening to their own inner child.


Just wanted to send you a little message to say that I am LOVING the courses so far! Where have you been?!

I am so lucky to have found you and your work! Your words and inspiration and ideas and explanations are what I have been searching for for the last 2 years!!! I love this!!


Thank you Marion. I deeply value you. My motherhood spiritual journey is so important to me and to my boys, and without your work we would not be where we are today.

Our family is so much more connected and moving into the paradigm that we wish to be in.

I am so deeply grateful that I’m moved to tears, particularly for the tools you have taught me for my son’s journey. His life is forever changed for the positive with being able to express and release his newborn feelings of separation and hospitalisation.


You are the best thing that has happened to me…yeah…you are…because you help me connect with my children in a way I would never had done without you.

Do you even realise how important you are?????? My son cried today and told me to go away and for a few seconds I saw myself in a parallel universe where your support did not exist…. I would probably have left him there, frustrated or angry…



Hi Marion I just want to say that from my experience (and point of view) your (Aware Parenting Instructor Mentoring) course is one of the best online courses I have experienced – the quality and support, information – and the way you have it set out – is amazing.

I’ve done many courses, and yours is really right up there with the best of them.


There is such a power in Marion’s words and phrasing. She has such an intimate and lucid knowledge of Aware Parenting principles that she is able to express them with deep simplicity. This is a rare gift which makes living the ideology truly accessible.

I feel privileged to be a part of it. I am really loving the audios in the Aware Parenting Virtual Village.

I love Marion’s warm, clear thinking. I love partaking in her faith that we (including me!) have a great capacity to parent as we wish – her gentle hand taking me in these audios and saying “Here. Here is your capacity”. It is not just a philosophy, but a deeply practical resource.


As a professional I have come across, and learnt about, many forms of therapeutic interventions. But never have I found one that is so diverse, so universally applicable, and so empowering as the Inner Loving Presence Process.

So I recommend doing this course, to anyone and everyone. Because this process is the only one I have found that is capable of guiding you to meet your absolute potential whilst supporting you to heal from all your past hurts. If you want to find true peace and happiness, then stop looking and start being, and this guidance will help you do just that.


It is interesting and beautiful to let go of all the unconscious pain that is stopping me from being more present and free in my perceptions and experience of screens.

I am loving this (Kids, Screens and Aware Parenting) course as I do all other of your courses Marion.


It’s hard to put into words just how brilliant this course is and I will forever be grateful to Marion for creating it.

I didn’t know that I would be literally stopped in my tracks in Module 2 and compelled to more honestly examine the topic of authenticity than I’d ever dared do before.

Less than a year after I started the course I have moved cities with my family, resigned from my corporate career and launched a business that I feel passionate about, and these changes have created a level of harmony, contentment and joy that our family was missing beforehand.

The Loving Being a Mother course has been nothing short of life changing for me.


And the Love Being a Woman Course is such a nourishing and enriching course…. you seem to have covered just about everything a woman would ever need in there (for life!)


Marion you are such an amazing and inspirational person… have have and continue to support and inspire change/growth/healing and transformation all over the planet!

I have limited my FB use a lot this year BUT often I log on just to see what inspirational stuff you’ve posted that day.. I seem to resonate with it all!

I LOVE YOUR WORK as do so many thousands of others…

I seem to recommend you almost every day to someone I come across….

I get so many compliments about my nearly 2 year old’s beautiful nature, calmness and independence and I would say it is largely because of what I have implemented from my learnings from you.

I have so much gratitude for you and your incredible work.


Honestly, I am feeling so privileged to have come across you and your incredibly healing gifts. I have followed you and your work for some time and resonated with all you have shared.

I finally took the plunge on the Inner Loving Presence Process for Entrepreneurs Taster and I can’t believe the quality and value in your work.


Personally, I can’t get enough of your teachings. I can’t even begin to tell you about the journey you’ve started for me.

I’ve shared the link to the Aware Parenting Babies and other courses with my friends. Anyone that crosses paths with you is very fortunate!


I want to send you my deepest gratitude for your authenticity and wildly generous teaching style.

You embody the spirit of Aware Parenting, inspiring so many mothers to travel deeper to heal wounds and connect with joy.

Through your courses and your modelling, I have healed a generation of trauma. This is no small feat; in fact it’s my children’s true inheritance; their happiness for generations to come. Sending you my infinite love and gratitude.


This is the third one of your courses I’m doing and I’m sure it’s going to have a big impact on the relationship with my son and eventually with my daughter as she grows older!

The Sound Sleep and the Aware Parenting Babies courses have been life-changing! Fantastic!

Thank you for the work you’re doing! It’s really helping us and so many children and families all over the world!


I really want to thank you, Marion, for everything you’ve done that has supported and enriched me over the last 6 years.

You have played an absolutely integral part in my journey. I’m a different, much happier, more aware, connected, playful, confident and satisfied person from having met you and had the pleasure of so much interaction with you!

And this flows on to my son and husband in such a big way! Thank you Marion for everything you are and everything you do!


I feel so unbelievably lucky to have come into contact with your work, Marion.

I’ve done the Power and Powerlessness in Parenting Course, Making Friends with Children’s Feelings and most recently, the Inner Loving Presence Process.

The effects in my day-to-day interactions with my son and our relationship in general has been astounding.

In fact, all my relationships have changed! I feel like I’ve opened the door to being the parent (and person!) I’ve always wanted to be and never knew it! 


 Parents: if you are needing support of inspiration in your parenting journey, Marion Rose is your go-to woman.

She is changing lives and the world with her work. What I love about Marion’s work, her perspective, her blog posts etc. is her insistence on self-compassion in our parenting journey.

She has inspired me to continue to use challenging experiences with my daughter as a springboard to uncover and heal unresolved hurts from my own childhood.

When I have done this, I not only access deeper levels of compassion for myself and my daughter, but I gain the freedom to engage with my daughter in line with my values, my heart, her heart, our souls. Thanks, Marion, for all you do.


I’m pretty sure that Marion’s course groups consist of the most loving, compassionate women that exist on the entire planet.


Just to feed back that I feel like your courses are excellent value and very accessible. Taking the first leap to pay and become involved gave me a great sense of empowerment. I’m so glad that I did.


Marion Rose is a phenomenal resource. She’s a treasure house of experience and has so much to offer in helping us up-skill ourselves for this crazy, wonderful wild parenting job.


Such beautiful words from people around you. I am on a daily basis amazed by what you encourage in people and how you are the front runner of all this love being sent into the universe.

It really is unique, And I think you for all this. You are such an inspiration in all areas of my life!


Email receivers say ….

I love how I resonate with all your emails, how what you write about translates into my life and even how I then see things that directly relate.


I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your emails!!

They really get me thinking, reflecting and ultimately leave me feeling so inspired and even more proud of this incredible motherhood journey that I (we) are on. Thank you so much.         


Your compassion and courage and presence are so inspiring Marion.

Your wisdom and insight guides me and  gives me the courage to be the parent I want to be.   I am so grateful. Thank you. Your emails and writings resonate with me so much.


Thank you for your email Marion, I love that you pour your whole heart and soul into everything you put out to us.

This email flicked a light bulb moment for me.


I have been following Marion since my first and only boy was six months old.

He is now 21 months and I am very grateful for Marion’s work. I really don’t know where I would be without it.     


Thank you for your recent email about having sweet spots stroked and being able to work through them in a positive way.

Your work makes the world of difference to me and my immediate family. 


Hi Marion, I absolutely love receiving your emails and they seem to come at a time when I am working through something and need some reassurance.

I love the support and compassion you have for me as a mother. I find your emails soothing and comforting in my own journey. Thank you for your honesty and inspiration.

Geez Marion, I know I haven’t signed up for any of your courses yet but I bloody love your emails. They are like a balm to my soul.

I often don’t have the chance to read them the moment I see them but I star them/mark as unread until I have a quiet moment where I can sit and read and BE with what you’ve written and I ALWAYS come away feeling thoughtful, calm and blessed to receive these nuggets of inspiration from you.Thank you.

I have been LOVING your newsletters.
Just so deeply inspiring and helpful to me.

Thank you, thank you so much for your emails. I absolutely LOVE them. Whenever I open my inbox I can hardly wait to see if there is one from you. They honestly make my day.

 You give sooooo much, and for free (!) and I really appreciate that you make your courses so affordable. I love your work, your every email resonates with me so much.
You fill this world and the world of mine with so much love, that I am deeply grateful to Life that It has sent you. I believe you are the warmest and most loving person I have ever seen. Please, never never stop sending light and warmth and love. Thank you.



And thank you for all your beautiful emails/newsletters. 

They are full of so much love and positive parenting wisdom, huge hugs to you for everything you are doing and inspiring.



I love what you wrote dear Marion!

I find everything that you write really inspiring.


You have no idea how often your posts arrive in my mailbox at just the right moment addressing an issue I am grappling with in the moment. Your post today was for me SO on point, heart-opening and so reflective of the beautiful energy with which you infuse your work. 


Dear Marion, Thank you so much for your email. I relate to so much of what you’re saying. I always love reading your emails.  


Hello lovely Marion! 

I loved this letter (and all of your letters)…. and I feel like they are always so perfectly timed!

Hi Marion, I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your emails.

I really cherish them – they are like little jewels of wisdom in my day….. Thank you for being so open and generous with your learnings and experiences.


This is very very necessary work. You just really nail the human experience. Thank you for bringing light and healing!  


There are few incoming emails that I read right now, in my full single momma life. But, I LOVE and am so THANKFUL for your emails.

Thank you so much Marion, for all you share, for who you are, and for the support and help you give!! Much gratitude.


When you sign up, I’ll also send you a PDF and audio on: 

Three things we can do to help our child’s long-term emotional wellbeing

that also help create more connection, cooperation, calmness and compassion for our children and ourselves!


New to Aware Parenting or want to dive in deeper?

My Free Intro to Aware Parenting has been read, listened to or watched by thousands of parents!


“Thank you for creating this Introduction to Aware Parenting. I didn’t know about Aware Parenting until I came across it and it resonated in my whole being, I couldn’t put the book down, I remember thinking “OMG, that’s it!”. It all made so much sense to me, it’s hard to explain, it came from a deep gut feeling of “of course!”. I felt that what you were explaining, was what my parents did not understand themselves. You put words on an obvious (yet non-verbal) deep inner knowing I had inside myself when it comes to understanding children (and adults). I felt that if all parents on Earth were able to understand that and to reconnect with this inner knowing, the World would be a very different place. I have shared your “Introduction to Aware Parenting” to the hundreds of parents that have contacted me in the last three years. I felt so blessed to be part of your (Aware Parenting Instructor) Mentoring course. And I feel so grateful to have found my path in life, I wake up every morning excited about sharing the Aware Parenting ideas… and it all started with your Introduction to it. So, once again, thank you, Marion.”

~ Mama Manon, Aware Parenting Instructor