You’ve probably done some kind of self-exploration before, whether it be therapy, counselling, spiritual practice or self-development workshops.

You might be interested in understanding how our birth, infancy and childhood affects the rest of our lives, and may have explored your own childhood experiences.

Maybe you see mothering as a profound journey of increasing awareness and compassion for yourself and your child/ren.




I’m passionate about increasing compassion for ourselves as mothers and for our children.

I’ve been deeply immersed in developmental psychology, psychotherapy and parenting for 30 years. I have a Ph.D. on the mother-baby relationship from Cambridge University and trained and worked for years as a psychospiritual psychotherapist.

I bring together all my trainings and experiences to help mothers respond most empathically and effectively to themselves and their children.




You want practical and effective help for things like your baby’s sleep, your toddler brushing their teeth or your six year old hitting her sister, but you want the solutions to be empathic and connected ways that work at the level of cause of their behaviour.

You’re willing to explore your own feelings, thoughts and ‘sweet spots’ (feelings from the past) so that you can evolve whilst also helping your child’s long-term emotional wellbeing.




I’m a Level Two Aware Parenting Instructor, and have been working with families with Aware Parenting since 2005, and have been practicing Aware Parenting with my own children for 15 years. So I can give you effective and empathic strategies to help your baby sleep AND be securely attached; to help your toddler WANT to brush her teeth, and how to help your six year old return to her true compassionate nature.

With my background in psychospiritual psychotherapy, I can help you do the healing and evolving that your child is calling forth from you.




You know what an influence you have on your child/ren, and how important the relationship is between you and your child/ren, for both of you.

You want to help your child/ren grow up connected to who they really are, compassionate with their needs and feelings, without guilt and shame, and ready to share their unique gifts with the world. And you understand that that also means you becoming more connected with who you really are, compassionate with your own needs and feelings, getting free from guilt and shame, and ready to share your unique gifts too!




I used to ignore my needs, judge myself, feel guilt and shame and hide my gifts. In my mothering journey, I realised that I needed to change this so I could really help my children flourish. So now I listen to my needs, I’m deeply compassionate with myself, and I love sharing my gifts with the world.

I’m passionate about encouraging, supporting and inspiring other mothers to do the same for themselves.