I help the woman who has been hiding.

Who is loving, but wants to love herself.

Who knows that she can make a big difference in the world, and wants to do that.

Who knows that she makes a profound difference to her children and wants to help them be who they really are.

Who wants to love her life and feel alive and feel deep unconditional love for ALL OF HERSELF so that she can pour out love into the world.

I help women learn UNCONDITIONAL SELF-LOVE that then pours out of them towards others.

I help women get free from guilt and self-judgment so that they can really listen to themselves, what they want and don’t want, so that they can really LOVE their lives and feel deeply alive.

I help women unsilt their willingness channel so that they’re free to say YES to who they want to be, what they want to do, and what they want to have.

I help women deeply value their NO so that they can clearly set loving limits and Neo No’s and be unwilling to put up with being treated in unenjoyable ways.

My intention for the women who work with me is:

That you feel deeply centred in your soul,

Filled with love for yourself and for others,

Full of life energy and willingness to be, do and have what your really want,

Free from harsh judgment of yourselves and others,

Free to be deeply compassionate with your child/ren, free to help your child/ren be who they really are, and

Deeply fulfilled in following your calling.

My new, most immersive 1-1 package ever, has just been released!

Free to Live from Love!



My new, most immersive 1-1 package is HERE!

Free to Live from Love:

A six month journey to true freedom, love and action!

Imagine getting free from guilt and self-judgment and replacing it with unconditional self-love.

Imagine making mothering a transformational practice so you can become who you reall are and help your child stay connected with their Soul.

I’m here to help you free yourself from inner coercion and procrastination, and to act from willingness; living the life you love.

I will help you understand how The Universe is speaking to every day, and how you can clearly speak your desires and callings through your willingness.

So that Life is free to support you with what you love, and you feel a deep sense of meaning, belonging and purpose.

Psychospiritual Entrepreneurship Immersion 1-1 Mentoring:

I’m here to help you:

Share you gifts with the world;

Make a living doing what you love;

Increase your capacity for self-care and self-compassion;

Cooperate with the natural psychospiritual journey of your Soul;

Hear and honour your Callings;

Respond with compassion and encouragement to the little parts to you that inevitably show up to be heard and receive healing;

Understand and work with the Messages from Life that come through symptoms, signs and synchronicities;

Work with your willingness to take action rather than sit in procrastination or push with guilt and force.

I’m also offering a 3 month Marion Method Immersion.

I’m here to help you:

Get super clear about what you really want in all areas of your life, and find willingness to have, do or be those;

Feel deeply connected with Life and able to read the Conversations that are being spoken to you by Life;

Develop your own Inner Loving Crew who love you unconditionally and gradually replace the guilty, harsh inner dialogue;

Use the Inner Loving Presence Process to listen to your inner children’s painful feelings and give them reparative experiences.

Marion, at this halfway point in my #yearwithmarion I want to pause and share my gratitude. 

Thank you for the space you hold for me. With your listening and ability to reflect and hold the full spectrum of my emotion, I have been able to see, experience and dive into depths that I would not be able to on my own. I know all parts of me are welcome with you. 

Strange as it has seemed, I have enjoyed being able to finally experience the hard emotions like anger and resentment and bone-deep fear. I’ve learned that none of it is too big for me to experience. I have turned away from these feelings for years out of fear I would drown in them. I haven’t. 

You’ve held my hand when it’s felt too big and celebrated with me as I found strength. 

What I love is how it has increased my capacity to understand and be with these feelings in my children. 

I find myself responding to them the way you respond to me. 

When I’m alone I respond to myself the way you respond to me! 

I have begun to internalise your loving voice and hear it with me during the day. 

I ask myself the questions you have been gently asking me over the last few months. 

I am finding my own answers. 

I am amazed at how much healing has been possible in this short time. 

A lifetime of unexpressed emotions doesn’t need a lifetime to work through it! 

With your loving, compassionate listening and full acceptance of who I am, I feel safe, and so does my inner child. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx



I signed up with Marion and her Psychospiritual Entrepreneurship Immersion as a way of gifting myself some outer support to help me take action on a women’s retreat I received a clear downloaded to offer.


For many years I’ve worked quietly and intimately 1: 1 with women as well as running regular womens circles but I’d never really marketed myself in any big way feeling content with word of mouth referrals. For this retreat though I was being called to show up in a bigger way and I knew that I felt some fear around using my voice.


When I reflect back to when we first began, I can see with hindsight how my core issue showed up in our very first session together! We kept losing internet connection and whenever I spoke it was cutting in and out. “A clear message from life” as Marion would say.


To be honest, as I reflect back I am so blown away by the profound nature of the work that Marion & I did together, it is difficult to put into words.


And when I tune in as to why, I sense its because of the deep soul nature of Marion and her work.


I felt so deeply held and safe to express myself in Marion’s Presence.


I could FEEL her unconditional love, compassion and deep empathy on every level of my being as she listened. Her guiding words penetrated me body, heart and my soul.


During some of the most intense times, Marion helped me understand how the fear and pain that was arising in the present, as well as the thoughts that I believed along with it, were from my past coming up to be loved & acknowledged. This was so helpful for me to be aware of when I was in the thick of it.


She helped me expand my own capacity to be lovingly present to those intense experiences AND move through them by reminding me of my power as the woman I am Now, deeply trusting in my connection to my Divine nature as well as to my Soul’s calling.


She supported me to move at my own pace, deeply trusting my process moment by moment, and I truly believe this was so integral to the deep healing transition I went through.


During our whole time together I could feel how Marion genuinely believed in me, and in my Sovereignty.


And I believe this is because Marion is a true Queen herself, whose compassionate leadership was born to inspire us to step into ours.


My psychospiritual journey with Marion helped me realise that I was not speaking to a whole part of myself and my personal journey that is important to share in my offerings.


In acknowledging this I witnessed powerful energetic shifts happen within my family relationships both backward and forward in the timeline. I feel so grateful to be integrating all of this now and aligning to my truest path.


Words cannot convey my love & gratitude for you Marion.


Our journey has shown me that you cannot underestimate the power that holding space in unconditional love & safe connection can do for someone, and that we definitely don’t need to do this deep inner work alone xx


Dear beautiful, Marion,

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the depth and unwavering, unconditional love and support you have shown me. You humbly describe yourself as a Mentor but your work is nothing short of healing and positively transformational. 

When we embarked on this massive journey together I consciously set HUGE goals and little did I know my Soul was setting some of her own. 

I never, in a million years, would have anticipated the profound positive shifts I so longed for would happen in such short space of time. 

To be honest, I more imagined there would be a long, slow gradual build up required in order to achieve such change, for me to establish the resources, confidence and courage to leave my ‘secure’ public service job would take at least one to two years. This happened totally unexpectedly and divinely within weeks of us working together. I am still blown away at how it all unfolded and have not been happier pursuing my soul work since!

We had been experiencing significant challenges with one of our children that was noticeable to all who were around us. The judgement and rejection of their behaviour and feelings and the lack of compassion and desire to understand what was driving the behaviour from modern society conditioning felt crippling and isolating to me. 

Within an incredibly short space of time you guided me through two massive experiences with my child, supporting and reassuring me that their raging expression was healthy and my capacity to stay with them until the charged energy and feelings neutralised would be hugely beneficial.

Along side birthing my last baby undisturbed, this was the most powerful and empowering parenting experience I’ve had. What’s most remarkable though isn’t the softening and relaxation I witnessed immediately after the rage and grief, it’s their genuine expression of love, concern and generosity for themselves and others that has consistently continued to be part of their nature for the MONTHS following and still to date. 

Pain is an interesting part of our human experience and ‘being present’ is a popular recommendation to work with or heal pain.

“be present with your emotions”

“be present with the other person, they don’t have the capacity,” 

“Just be present with yourself”

“Just be present with them”

Who else gets how incredibly freaking difficult or even impossible it is to ‘just be present’ with your own pain or with others?

This reminds me of the saying “people can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves” – Matt Kahn.

It is crystal clear to me, and I believe everyone I have seen you work with, your ability to be piercingly present is like no other. And I feel confident in saying this is because of how deeply and passionately you ABSOLUTELY practice what you preach. 

You never expect the souls you’re working with to do things or go places you haven’t been yourself. You lead by example using your tools and practices daily not coercing others to do the same, but gracefully inspiring them too – just like a true leader. 

You know what pain is, you know how to feel and honour it, you’re not scared of it, you know that it’s a beautiful healthy part of us that needs to be heard and healed rather than rejected and suppressed. And, in my experience, you do that like no other. 

You are a living, breathing example of what is underneath the pain, love. 

Absolute, unwavering, unshiftable, undeniable, unconditional love. 

It’s where we come from and it’s where we go. It is our true essence, and you, Marion Rose, live and teach it like no other. 

SO much eternal love and gratitude to you,


I’m feeling at a loss for words.

How does one describe an experience that has been life changing and yet effortless?

Powerful yet peaceful.

Present yet full of ease.

It’s like I fell in love with myself.

I can see myself through Marion’s eyes and the view is spectacular.

I fell more in love with my children.

I fell in love with the women in my group.

Every moment I got to learn with Marion and expand my awareness was sacred and I will carry these past 6 months in my heart forever.

Nothing has changed my perspective on myself, my potential, my power to heal, my ability to form deep, resonating, mutual friendships, and my understanding of past hurts like the Marion Method Immersion.


The Marion Method Immersion is a thorough soaking in LOVE. I felt it…until I believed it…until I became it.

And the biology of that belief is changing everything.

Immeasurable gratitude to you Marion and my extraordinary MMI soul sisters whom I walked with.

This is an offering of deep knowledge and tangible practice at the leading edge of mind-body medicine and psychotherapy.

I feel exceptionally privileged to have experienced this.


Marion, I am filled with gratitude for what I have learned about love and will from you. Thank you for seeing all of me, for loving all of me. 

I am brimming with smiles and heart hearing your messages.

I experience your energy as a huge loving wave that gently rolls across the whole planet. Your voice is the call of nature’s truest energies of love and creation.

Knowing you, being in connection with you reconnects me to my most innocent intent in life. 

Thank you. I love you and your message.

This is the end of Marion Method Immersion and feels like the beginning of a whole new life.

Marion, you create the most beautiful spaces. Every moment with you is enriching for me. 

And to have you plus all these other wonder women I feel SO blessed.


I have emerged from this six month immersion with a felt sense of what being ‘mothered well’ is like. A LOT of that came from Marion’s constant pouring of affection and unconditional love on me through Messenger almost nightly, 3 sessions a month, and monthly Zoom conference calls; and some was from her helping me notice how I’d done that for my own daughter and imagining it was for me too.

I absolutely loved how, in our sessions together, I could ask for whatever I felt I wanted, and Marion would happily oblige. At different times, I asked her to speak directly to my body, to my psyche (the hurt child) and to my soul. Those experiences were always profoundly moving, as she poured on love and empathy and compassion. My spirit was deeply, deeply stirred and has renewed hope and enthusiasm.

I now wake most mornings and ‘hear’ my Inner Loving Mother say to me, ‘I’m right here with you darling’….and the same when painful feelings are coming up, when I remember to. Every time, it eases the hurt, I feel more ‘cushioned’, not so raw and exposed, not so vulnerable and alone. It gives a certain sweetness to the feeling, because it’s now minus the misery of the old, old sense of being alone with it.


The other aspect that has had a major difference is listening to Marion and becoming aware of all the ways my avoidance of coercion has governed so many aspects of my life and decisions. 

She helped me see all the ways I know what I’ve NOT been willing to experience or have happen to my daughter, and how that’s a powerful thing.

And on the flip side of that, I’ve had a good look at where I’ve rebelled and ‘pushed back’ on anything that has even a whiff of coercion to it….and now I’m able to bring awareness of that to any decision I’m making. For instance, I might think I don’t want to do something but what I’m actually doing is baulking at feeling coerced into doing something. Once I recognise that, then I can decide, without that in the way, if I actually DO want to do it, or not.


And I loved our Zoom sessions. Such a WARM group of women….that’s what stood out the most to me. And I have to say, I loved the timer too, so that I could listen willingly and whole heartedly. 


I LOVED Marion’s generosity that lent a sense of abundance to the course, being welcomed to join all the new workshops and courses she created whilst we were Immersed in her bath of love.


And knowing I have ongoing access to the other members and the course material made for a softer landing, when the immersion reached completion. 


I can think of so many people I would love to have this experience.


I offer immersive one-on-one packages on Transformation through Mothering, Psychospiritual Parenting, Psychospiritual Entrepreneurship and Psychospiritual Development. These are most suited to people who have already done one or more of my online courses.

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