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If you are wanting to be more compassionate with yourself as a mother, you might like these offerings ~

Get Free from Guilt for Good, Helping Mothers Develop True Self-Love, or my Inner Loving Mother, Outer Loving Mother ebook.

Maybe you want to learn more about Aware Parenting?

You might like to have a look at three of my free courses –

An Introduction to Aware Parenting, Powerful Present Time Practice and an Introduction to Making Friends with Children’s Feelings.

Perhaps you have a baby and you want help with practicing Aware Parenting with her?

Then my Aware Parenting Babies Q and A Vault might be for you,

or the Aware Parenting Babies Course, or perhaps the Sound Sleep and Secure Attachment with Aware Parenting Course.

Or maybe you have a 2-8 year old and want to use attachment play for effective and compassionate ways to prevent and respond to things that you find challenging?

Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated around your kids and screens and you’d like to do my Kids, Screens and Aware Parenting Course, so you can feel at peace again.

And if you’re fed up with feeling powerless or resorting to power-over your kids, I invite you to have a look at my Power and Powerlessness in Parenting Course.

And if you want to dive in deeper with Aware Parenting, I have a range of resources available,

from the Living Aware Parenting Course, the Aware Parenting Virtual Village,

the Aware Learning Community, to the Aware Parenting Instructor Mentoring Course.

I wonder if you’re called to love your life as a woman more ~ there’s my Love Being a Woman Course.

And if you want to value yourself more and enjoy your life as a mother, how about my Love Being a Mother ebook and meditations!

And there’s my FAVOURITE – the Inner Loving Presence Process, if you want to form a relationship with your Inner Loving Mother and Inner Loving Father, and leave behind those old harsh inner voices.

Or perhaps you want to share your gifts in the form of an online course ~ there’s my Create a Course.

Or maybe you want to make inner shifts so that you can share your offerings in the world – there’s my Inner Loving Presence Process for Entrepreneurs Course.

Or maybe you want to make inner shifts AND learn lots of technical skills to share your gifts in the world – there’s my Respond Lovingly to your Calling Course.