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Are you the mother of a baby?


Do you want to help them stay deeply connected to WHO THEY REALLY ARE ~

through understanding their cues, meeting their needs, listening to their feelings and creating secure attachment?

This section is for you!

P.S. these things also help them sleep and you sleep too!


(The freebies are the ones with a white background!)

Are you the mother of a child?


Do you want to help them stay connected to their soul; that unique, loving, willing being that they truly are,

through responding to them effectively and empathically so that they naturally want to connect, cooperate, contribute, be calm, concentrate and sleep?

(P.S. these also help their long-term emotional wellbeing.)

Are you a mother who sees parenting as an opportunity for your own psychospiritual journey of development?


Do you want to respond lovingly to your needs and feelings and get free from harsh inner judgments and guilt and shame?

Would you like to have a compassionate inner dialogue?

Do you want to reclaim your true power as a mother so that you no longer fall into powerlessness or power-over.

Do you want to love yourself more and heal from past hurts?

Are you a mother AND you want to follow your soul’s callings?


Do you either procrastinate, get scared, or coerce yourself to follow the callings of your soul?

Do you ignore your callings, or judge them or yourself?

Do you tend to either get stuck or force yourself to take action?

Would you love to follow your soul’s callings with deep self-compassion, trust, willingness and flow?

Do you want to love all aspects of your life more?



Do you want to share your unique gifts with the world whilst also responding lovingly to yourself and healing from past hurts that have got in the way of you being your unique soul?